MD Smart Levels have been on the market for a number of years.  The 24" and 48" Smart Levels are the best electronic digital levels on the market today.

The 24" and 48" MD SmartLevels are the perfect tool for the professional carpenter, framer, plumber, excavating contractor and concrete contractor, who demands accuracy and precision.  They are the standard for inspectors and builders of ADA required ramps.

In April of  2015, MD introduced the SmartLevel in a new 72" (6ft) frame.  In the past only in 24" and 48" frame were available.  I have many excavating contractors and concrete contractors that are looking for a (72") 6 ft electronic level.

Listed below are great features on the 72" MD SmartLevel:

Water & Dust Proof protection IP65
Vials with back lights for easy to read viewing in dim lighting conditions
Large buttons for gloved fingers
Dropped tested for 3ft fall
Easy to read batteries
Five instant angle conversion modes