I have many customers call me asking why is there a timer button on my Leica Disto E7400x and why would I use this feature?
Also why is the timer only available on certain models of laser distance meters? To answer that question,
not every Disto or laser distance meter has this feature built into the unit. The Leica Disto E7400x does have a timer, a feature
I think is worth while when you purchase a laser distance meter.

If you take a distance measurement with any laser distance meter with no timer, and you just aim and shoot at a large wall,
most likely it will get you a good measurement. However, if you want a measurement at a certain point or spot on a wall,
the problem is when you hit the measure button the laser now moves off the spot, most likely down.

If you purchase the Leica Disto E7400x you can now push the timer button on and set it for 5 or 10 seconds and the laser distance
will come on, count down the 5 or 10 seconds and take a reading without you hitting the measurement button. Now the
reading is taken at the exact spot you aimed not a few inches below.