On all construction projects it's important to get precise measurement before you start a new project. Getting th correct number for the surveyor, contractor, engineer, appraiser, insurance adjuster or even home owner used to involve the help of an assistant, notes, some guesswork and several calculation. You had to take out a tape measure, find someone to hold the other end, write down the numbers, and then work out the calculations for the area. The drawback to that method was that it takes time and can be quite a bit off in accuracy.

Now there is a far better way to get measurements within seconds and with an accuracy within 1/16 of an inch. Leica Disto Laser Distance Meters models E7100i, D2, E7300, E7400X, D330i, E7500i and the D810 Touch are all designed to take the hassle and guesswork out of measuring. Instead of rolling out a tape, you simply aim at a target, like a wall, corner of a house, or a target you set up and press a button to get the measurement in as little as 4 seconds. It will only take seconds more to get the square footage and volume of what you measure because the device does the calculations for you.

Aside from the assurance of a true measurement and the benefit of saved time, measuring with a Leica Disto laser distance meter eliminates a great deal of inconvenience.

There are a number of different Leica Disto laser meters to chose from. Which one you select depends on your needs. Call Lascolaser.com and we will help guide you to the best laser distance meter for your application.