Construction contractors are always looking for new ways to get the job done efficiently and save money at the same time. So when something comes along that can do both, it is a win for the company. This is definitely the case with the Leica Rugby 270 Laser and the Leica LMR-360 Receiver .

A good laser system like the Leica Rugby 270 Laser and the Leica LMR-360 Receiver for grading and excavating can make a contractors job a lot easier. It's one of the few items a contractor can purchase the is guaranteed to increase his productivity, better control his material costs and provide valuable fuel savings. If a contractor can get the grade he needs in fewer passes, that is less fuel he is spending money on, less emissions he is putting out there, and less wear and tear on his machine.

A good basic system, like the Leica Rugby 270 consists of a rotating laser with the Leica LMR-360 Receiver that is mounted on the machine. Both are used to improve the speed and accuracy of the equipment on all grading and excavating jobs. The Leica Rugby 270 acts as a constant reference whether a contractor is doing flat work or something with a grade or slope. The LMR mounted on the machine has bright lights that indicate how the operator has to move the blade to stay on the correct blade.

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