The Keson MP401 Measuring Wheel is a heavy duty measuring tool that provides precise calculations in feet on any type of terrain. This is a long distance tool that measures with high accuracy. Its 5 digit counter displays over-sized numbers for easy viewing. At 15.5 inches, the large wheel size allows it to handle uneven ground and continue to provide reliable results. When measuring is complete, it folds to a compact size and locks in place for easy storage. This tool is ideal for construction, surveying, engineering, forestry and any situation requiring accurate measurements on smooth or rough terrain.

The Keson MP401 Measuring Wheel provides results that are extremely dependable and accurate.  With an accuracy rate of 99.7
percent, this tool produces precise results for long distances up to 99,999 feet.  That is almost 2 miles per measuring session.
The MP401 is built to last for years and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.





Keson MP401 Measuring Wheel