Leica Disto D2 with Bluetooth

Leica Geosystems newest member of the laser distance meters is the New Disto D2 with bluetooth.  The New Disto D2 has the latest smart bluetooth function built into the unit.  It has a fully integrated end piece, a bright white display and an ISO certified measuringengin that drives 1/16" accuracy and 330 foot measuring range.

The New Disto D2 calculates area and volume and remembers the last 10 measurements taken.  It also has an Add/Subtract capability to combine measurements to get precise readings of the total all area of a room.
If you feel like there is a trend towards bluetooth BT4.0 in Leica Disto's, you are right.  Estimates are 2 Million people have or will get a smart phone in 2016.  Now you have a disto with bluetooth that can easily interface with the smart phone.

 One thing I like about the New Disto D2 is how it fits easily in you hand, or tool belt.  The New Disto D2 builds on the size and form factor of the most used Disto's in the world, with a very comfortable soft grip.  This is a great product, from an excellent company and all at a great price!