The Leica L2G+ Green Beam Laser projects plumb and level beams, which because they are green
are more easily seem in bright lighting conditions than ones that are red.

The human eye is three to four times mor sensitive to the green portion of the light spectrum that it
is to red.  The Leica L2G+ Green Beam Laser is brighter and easier at long range and under
strong interior lighting.  The L2G+ self-leveling cross-line laser uses a direct emitting green
diode to project green beams that are sharp, bright and visible from up to 100 feet away.  Capable
of projecting plumb and level lines, its intended to be used indoors to create plumb, level and square

The Leica L2G+ Green Beam laser has a horizontal fan angle of 180 degrees and is accurate to ±1/16
inch at 16 feet.  An upgraded versions the Leica L2G+ Pro Kit includes laser, tripod, rechargeable NiMh
batteries, charger, green target plate, wall bracket, soft pouch and all in one hardcase.