Leica L4P1 lino line laser

Leica Lino L4P1 Laser

Fully self-leveling combined red point and line laser level from Leica Geosystems. With the Leica Lino L4P1 everything is plumb and perfectly aligned. The L4P1 projects lines of points with absolute precision. The time-consuming and tedious techniques of drawing lins and marking point are things of the past.

The Leica Lino L4P1 is Leica's latest and most powerful multi-line laser, which supports efficient and quick work flows for dry wall installers, tilers and many other interior trades.

Features I like about the Leica Lino L4P1:

Self-leveling: The Leica Lino L4P1 automatically compensates for minor angular misalignment by leveling itself over a range of ±4º. So you can avoid any errors.

Great Optics: Top quality optics and proven pwer range technology ensure that the projected laser lines and points are highly visable and accurate.

Pendulum Lock: Locks compensator when in carrycase. Lasers stays in calibration better.

   Precision: 360ºrotation base with fine adjustment.
   Power: As innovative Li-Ion power and alkaline tray.
   Warranty: 3 year warranty