Leica Geosystems introduced the Rugby 800 Series construction lasers as one of the more durable and dependable lasers on the market today. Without a question, in my 30 plus years in the Laser and Instrument business, I have personally found that to be true. It is all around the best on the market.

For my constractors looking at a more affordable construction laser, I have found the New Rugby 600 Series laser with many of the same features as the 800 series, but at a more afforable price.

many of my contractors are looking for a good laser that holds calibration well, can handle the weather, simple to use and at a very affordable price.  The Leica Rugby 600 series fits the bills.

As an example, the Rugby 610 is a one button laser that is easy for the entire crew to use.  Many of my contractors want a simple, one button, self leveling laser without all kinds of buttons to push.  The Rugby 610 holds calibration well, has a long operating range, accurate to winin a 1/16th of an inch, dust and water resistant, a 2 year warranty and all a affordable price!