MD Smart Levels Gen 2 Models have bee on the market for many years.  The MD Smart levels Gen 2  come in either 2 ft, 4ft lengths. They are perfect electronic digital levels for the professional carpenter, framer, plumber, general contractor, concrete worker, excavating contractor of ADA inspector.

The MD Smart levels Gen 3 come in either 2 ft, 4ft and 6ft lengths.  The new MD Smart Level Gen 3 does cost a bit more, but has some upgrades versus the MD Gen 2 models.  I have listed the upgrades below. (Both the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Models will be made available.  There is no plans to discontinue either model)

UPgrades to the MD Gen 3 Electronic Levels

Improved water and dust proof IP65 protection

Easier to read buttons

Now with a back light for easy to read viewing in dim lighting

Larger buttons for gloved fingers

Horizontal vial glows

More rugged - Drop tested for 3ft fall

Easier guided calibration process

Five instant angle conversion modes