You can operate the Beam Aligner 6770, 6775 or 6790 by connecting the laser to a 12 volt battery such
as a car or truck battery. I have that cable, part number 727639, in stock. However, it is best not to run
the vehicle engine when cable is connected. This can result in damage to the laser.

The rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack contains six high capacity NIMH batteries. The
battery pack, part number 725880 is an enclosed assembly. Fully charged, the battery pack will power
the Beam Aligner up to 30 hours. I have the battery pack in stock.

There is no set interval for calibrating the Beam Aligner 6770, 6775 or 6790 pipe laser, but calibrations
should be checked from time to time in order to ensure that the highest possible quality of work is
being done. Calibration should be checked if the laser has been dropped or mishandled. Lascolaser has
a full service repair center that can perform calibration or any repairs to your 6700 series pipe laser.