The AGL 2500 is powered by one 12 volt rechargeable nicad battery pack. The AGL 2700 and 3000 lasers are powered by either the Li-Ion rechargeable battery or the alkaline battery pack. Both can run off an external 12 volts power cord. However it is best not to run the vehicle engine when the when it the 12 volt cable is connected. Like to a truck battery on the jobsite. This can damage the laser.

Whether you have the AGL 2500, 2700 or 3000 Pipe Laser, it is recommended that you remove the battery pack from the laser during storage.

There is no set interval for calibrating the AGL 2500, 2700 or 3000 pipe laser, but calibration should be checked from time to time in order that the highest possible qualify of work is being done. Calibration should be checked if the laser has been dropped or mishandled.