The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) legislation exists to create equal accessibility for all pedestrians,
including anyone in a wheelchair. To that end, anyone involved with the design or construction of walkways
used by the general public or by company employees must provide ADA - compliant walking surfaces.
The MD Smart Level and MD Smart Walker

The ADA defines a ramp as any walkway with a slope greater than 5%. To allow a disabled person to
move a wheelchair up a ramp, the ADA limits the length of ramps to 30ft and the slope must be no steeper
than 8.33%. In addition, the cross slope must be no greater tahn 20%. The MD Smart Level and MD Smart Walker
are perfect products for these measurements.

An excellent product for measuring the main slope and cross slope of ramps is the MD Smart Level and MD Smart Walker.
The smarttool measures the slope this line displays the results in percentage, degree, or inch-per-foot form.