Nikon Instrument Company has added another model, the NE100, designed for all general construction layout applications.
The Nikon NE-100 is easy to use for any contractor.  This instrument is accurate for all construction applications, including
IPX4 rating so you can count on reliable performance in tough field conditions and inclement weather.

The Nikon NE-100 Digital Theodolite features five one-tough keys, and it only takes minutes to learn the functions.  Unlike other instruments, that require specialized batteries, the Nikon 100 uses six standard alkaline batteries.  What's more, those batteries can power the NE-100 for about 48 hours.

The Nikon NE-100 Digital Theodolite features a 30x telescope with Nikon's unique linear focusing mechanism to improve focusing at both short and long distances.  Nikon's famous optics effectively let in more light.  The result is brighter, sharper images, especially in low-visibility conditions.  The contractor will see much more detail and experience less distortion.  Better optics help you aim more precisely, which is easier on your eyes.