Our service technicians have over 20 years of repair experience. In those many years they have been able to get many contractors up and running with their old construction lasers. The following review is a example of the many old construction lasers we have been able to keep our customers on the job 

Below is an example of one of our customers experience with our Service Department.

Customer Review ***** - Jerry Bartow of Bartow Excavating Company of Lexington Michigan - "In the last week Lasco Laser & Instrument Co. was my Saving Grace! I have a 23 year old Laser Beacon 5000 that has served me well for decades. Recently it lost the laser light, and was no use to me in that condition. Thankfully I found the fine folks at Lasco Laser & Instrument and contacted them via phone. Dan Hill took the call and was very knowledgeable on the old Laser Alignment Laser Becon 5000. He was Positive that his Lead Tech Bob Moorman would be able to handle the repair. Bob was able to access the problem and repair the unit. Not only that he checked the calibration, adjusted numerous item that needed attention. I'm so glad that if found these fine folks and did not just give up on this unit that has served me well.. Thanks to Dan Hill and Bob Moorman!"