Repair Tips, Maintenance and Troubleshooting AS2 and AS2 Magnum Grade Lasers

Cablibration: There is no set interval for calibrating either the ProShot AS2 or ProShot AS2 Magnum
grade lasers, but calibration should be checked from time to time in order to ensure that the
highest possible quality of work is being done. Calibration should be checked if the laser has
been droppped or mishandled.

Batteries: Ocationally remove the batteries in the ProShot AS2 or ProShot AS2 Magnum and check
the contacts for corrosion. Alkaline batteries will last longer than nicad batteries, however
alkaline batteries can corrode if left the laser for a long period of time.

Weather: Never store or carry the ProShot AS2 or ProShot AS2 Magnum in a carrying case that is
wet inside. Moisture can get inside the laser and damage the electronics in the laser. Should this
happen, remove the battery cover and place the laser in a warm area until it is completely dry.