Leica Geosystems introduced the first hand-held laser distance meter in 1993. Although there are at least 17 brands and 50 models on
the market today, most all contractors still use the standard steel measuring tape. But that is quickly changing as the construction industry
as a whole has come to see the advantages of the Laser Distance Meter .

Laser distance meters work by bouncing a visible laser beam off a stationary surface. They receive the reflection through a lens, calculate
the phase shift or time of flight, and translate the results into a digital measurement. The simple point-and-click operation normally delivers
a measurement in less that a second and allows you to measure by yourself with minimal walking and climbing.

You can purchase a basis Leica Laser Distance Meter E7100i for around $150.00. An excellent contractor model, The Leica Disto E7400X
is around $250.00. At the other end, you can spend $500.00 and get even more advanced features with the Leica Disto E7500i .
Advanced features include built in scopes or cameras that make it easier to use in bright lights when used outdoors. You can purchase a
model E7500i or D810 Touch Leica Disto that has bluetooth for use with either an iPad, iPhone or android product.