The range and accuracy of laser distance meters depend on light conditions and reflectivity of the measuring target.  For Leica Geosystems it is important that the instruments not only perform under perfect laboratory conditions, but above all under the kind of every day working conditions encountered on construction sites.  That is why, working together with external experts, the company have developed a standard by which laser distance meters can be tested and compared with each other.

Differing factors, such as the structure of the surface and the color of the measuring point, the strength of ambient light and the temperature at which a measurement is taken, have a very significant effect on the accuracy and the maximum range achieved.  These factors have not previously been defined by a standard; each manufacturer has used its own definition.  It has therefore become increasingly difficult for the customer to make a comparison between the large and growing number of laser distance meters on the market.

The new ISO standard 16331-1 to which Leica Geosystems has made a significant contribution defines in detail how information concerning accuracy and range must be presented and describes the necessary measuring procedures.  This renders specifications of laser distance meters capable of being tested by independent institution thus making direct comparisons possible.

A customer who purchases a laser distance meter which conforms to the ISO standard can arrive at reliable conclusions with respect to the maximum range and accuracy achievable under defined measuring conditions.  This is crucial for assessing the advantages for everyday use on the construction site.

The World’s First Laser Distance Meters specified to measure in accordance with ISO 16331-1:

            Leica Disto E7300
              Range 2 in. to 265 ft.
              Accuracy ± 1.0 mm (better than 1/16th in.)
              Area Calculation      
              Volume calculations
              Pythagoras 2-Point and 3-Point measurements
              Stake out function
              Memory (last 10 results)
              Multifunctional end piece with automatic detection
              IP54 (dust and water protected)

            Leica Disto E7400x
              Robust – 6ft drop tested
              Protection Class Ip65 Dust and water protection
              Tilt sensor 360º
              Range 2 in – 265 feet
              Accuracy ± 1.0mm (better than 1/16th in)
              Smart Horizontal Mode
              Height Tracking
              Multifunctional end piece with automatic detection
              Area, volume calculations
              Triangle Area
              Stake out function
              Memory (last 20 results)