The Nedo mEsstronic is an easy to use electronic measuring tool for the skilled trades.  You simply
place the mEsstronic in position, pullout the extending sections, and read off the measurement from the
digital display.

The Nedo mEsstronic has a easy to use zero-button where reference points can be established and relative
measurements carried out automatically, eliminating the need for the user to make calculations himself.

The Nedo mEsstronic measuring device is equipped with a part for a memory module, a bluetooth module
or a RS-232 module measured values can be stored or transferred to a laptop or to other units with the aid
of these modules.

The Nedo mEsstronic comes in three different models, 28 inches to 120 inches, 41 inches to 200 inches
and 61 inches to 320 inches.Operation duration is approximately 200 hours of continuous use on 4 AA
batteries.  Accurate to within 1/16 or better.