The Premium Digital Angle Measuring Tool for Exact Measuring and Transferring of Angles

For the professional contractor, I recommend the Nedo Winkeltronic Digital angle measuring
device. The Nedo Winkeltronic. is German engineered, extremely accurate to precisely measure
and transfer angles. The Nedo Winkeltronic is rugged, reliable and with an accuracy of ±0.1º
The measured angles are read off conveniently from the large display.

The Nedo Winkeltronic. is very easy to use thanks to the symmetrical arrangements of the shanks.
Two integral spirit levels ensure true horizontal and vertical positioning. The hold function keeps
values in the display. The display can be set to zero at any given shank position.

The Nedo Winkeltronic. has a measuring range from 0º to 355º. The shank length is 23 5/8 and
the weight is about 3 lbs. The Nedo Windeltronic has a automatic switch - off after 3 minutes
of non-use. Power is by 4 (AA) batteries.