In my last blog I discussed the advantages of using the Lithium-Ion batteries to power up any construction laser or laser receiver. In my opinion the next best is the nicad battery. The least expensive in the short run is the Alkaline battery. However, in the long run they are far more expensive. You use them once and then throw them away. In my many years of laser and receiver experience, the biggest problem I see with contractors using alkaline batteries is that they forget to remove the alkaline batteries if the laser or receiver is not used for a long period of time.

In my opinion, it is a good practice to remove the batteries from any laser and receiver if they are not going to be used for a long period of time. This prevents damage from corroded, leaking batteries. This prevents a very expensive laser or receiver bill. Many times the laser or receiver cannot be repaired because of the leaking alkaline batteries. Quite often after the damage is done, it is cheaper to buy a; new laser or receiver.

Leica Rugby 810 General Construction Laser with Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

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