The Laser Reference L4.7 Laser is self leveling via a wire hung compensator. This is a gravity pendulum
leveling mechanism that must be rough leveled. This model has two rough leveling screws. Once the L4.7
Laser is in its self leveling range, the compensator makes sure the beam is level. Another example of this
type of leveling was used in the Spectral EL-1 & LL500 Laser as well as the older LB-1, LB-2, and LB-10
made by Laser Alignment. This type of leveling is very dependable and cost of maintenance is very low.

The ProShot Alpha laser, on the other hand, is an automatic self-leveling laser. Simple turn the laser on,
and the laser with automatic level itself with no external screws. Many contractors prefer this type of
leveling as it is easier for their employees to level.

Each type of leveling has its pluses and minuses. Servo auto leveling systems have the appeal of driving
the laser to level without the operator turning any leveling screws. However, a laser with a wire hung
compensator can be set-up just as fast. Both the L4.7 Laser and the ProShot Alpha lasers provide accurate
and reliable results for all contractors. Both provide this with two very different types of leveling.