Topcon TP-L5 Pipe lasers

I sold my first Pipe Laser back in 1980. Since then I have sold many Pipe Lasers over the years. Also I have repaired many brands and models of Pipe Lasers. Over that period of time there has been some very well designed and engineered Pipe Lasers, and there has also been some really bad ones. One Pipe Laser I do like is the new Topcon TP-L5 Series Pipe Lasers.

The Topcon TP-L5 series of alignment lasers offers an unique combination of features and technology that are proven to meet the demands of contractors more than any other alignment laser on the market.  Listed below are a few features I really like about the Topcon TP-L5 Pipe Laser:

  •  Very bright laser beam:  The patented Topcon Green Beam technology provides the brightest most visible laser beam available.  It's easily viewable in the brightest outside conditions.

  •  Udated LCD display:  The new Topcon TP-L5 Pipe Laser has a new even easier to read menu, with a bright LCD display 
  compared to the older TP-L4 Topcon Series).

  •  Make adjustments from a far:  The TP-L5 comes with a RC - 200  Remote Control that works the Laser up to 600 feet away.

  •  Tough and reliable:  The Topcon TP-L5 has a great 5 year warranty.