When choosing laser level tools, it is important to consider what type of job the laser level will be used to help complete.  A home improvement project might require a manual line level, while a professional framer might require an auto-leveling rotary laser level.  Different jobs and sites may have vastly different leveling requirements, like accuracy, range, and whether or not a manual or self-leveling laser is needed.  No matter what the job, a long battery life and a highly visible beam are important when choosing the best laser level tools for the job.

There are many different types of laser levels available in a wide range of prices.  Home improvement center carry basic manual line lasers that adhere to a wall and are useful for basic home maintenance projects, like hanging pictures.  Construction professionals require more complex laser levels in higher price ranges.  These can be purchased at a distributor or survey dealer that specializes in professional laser products, that offers service and repairs.  For the Professional contractor, service and support are very important.

Some laser levels are rotary laser levels that are made up of a head that rotates and projects the laser onto mirrors, making a 360 degree line around a room or jobsite.  The more complex laser level tools are mounted on tripods and may have auto-leveling features that allow the laser level to re-level itself when bumped.  Some offer a H.I. (Elevation) Alert that prevents errors due to sudden shifting or movements on a tripod.

One factor to consider is where the laser level will be used?  Outdoor jobs are more likely to require a self-leveling rotating laser level.  Although this option will be more expensive, its use can save time and work hours in the long term.  Jobs in large outdoor spaces will need a laser level that has a high accuracy rate over a large range.

Lasco Laser & Instrument Company has been a full time warranty and non-warranty repair center for the construction laser market since 1975.  Lasco, Inc. Laser and Instrument Company maintain 5 separate calibration ranges so that inspections and adjustments can be done correctly and on a timely basis.