I get many calls from contractors wanting to know what is the difference between the Leica Rugby 610 Laser and the Leica Rugby 620 Laser?  Both have a visible laser red diode, but the price is different.

TheLeica Rugby 610 Laser is a simple one button self leveling laser that is horizontal only.  It is a class 2 laser with a working radius of 1000 ft with the rodeye 140 or 160 rodeye.

TheLeica Rugby 620 Laser has more buttons on the control pad.  The extra buttons allows the laser to have the slope matching feature of up to 10% slope.  Also the distance the laser shoots is a bit longer.  Working radius is 1300ft with the rodeye 140 or 160 rodeye.

Both the 610 Leica Rugby and the 620 are class 2 lasers.  Both have the same 2 year warranty.  Because the 620 has the slope matching feature, the cost is a bit more.  The approximate cost is about $200 more.