The Laserline cut fill rod has been on the market for many years. Contractors around the world have been buying the Cut/Fill Rod for use with many types of Laser receivers (This rod also goes by the name "Direct Reading Rod").

Another product I like on the market for the contractor is the AGL SmartRod Cut/Fill Receiver.  This is a electronic cut/fill rod compared to the manual grade rod sstyle with a moving tape.

The all in one AGL SmartRod works faster and smarter than a standard grade rod.  A contractor can get elevation readings four times faster using Smart Rod's linear technology.  It picks up the laser beam fast and give's you a digital readout.  Just push a button and read it directly on the LCD Smart Rod.  Cut/Fill readings are now quick and easy.  The AGL SmartRodcan be set to read in 10ths/100ths of a foot, feet and inches or even metric.  The rod comes with AGL's standard 2 year warranty.