If you are a person that purchased a Sonic "Laser Tape" and you had a very bad experience, you are not alone.
A few years ago a supplier who shall remain nameless flooded the market for the holiday season with a cheap
sonic distance meter that had a laser pointer built in "for Dad".  As the name implies, a sonic distance meter
bounces sound off an object to get a rough distance.    And I mean rough distance.  This type of laser measuring
is just not accurate and pairing it with an aiming laser convinced me that this type of measuring is all a gimmick.

Leica Disto Family, D2, E7300, E7400x, D330I, E7500, E7500i, D810 measure with a laser exactly where
you aim, and with great precision.  Do not confuse these with sonic measuring that uses sound waves to measure.
Even with a laser "Sonic Tape" you are still just measuring with sound waves.  If you need precise measuring,
purchase a Leica Disto from Lascolaser.com.  You will not be sorry you made an investment in a great product
for whatever you are measuring.