If you create sketches or work in programs like Auto Desk, Chief Architect or an iPad, there are mobile apps you can use to create detailed plans on your site.  Some, like the free Disto Sketch App, enable you to overlay measurements on photos you take with your mobile device.

The Leica Disto E7100i, E7500i and D810 Laser Distance Meters all are bluetooth enabled and transmit precise measurements to these apps in real time, as you take them.  I hear from Interior Designers, Building Information Modelers, Architects and all types of contractors who tell me this technology has cut the time it takes to build an accurate floor plan in half.

Yes, the bluetooth laser distance meters like the E7500i and D810, are more money.  But what is your time worth?  If you cut your measuring time in half while getting accurate measurement the first time, how long will it take before you are in the black on a $500.00 or $800.00 investment.