leica rugby 610Leica Lino L2P5G

Dot, Line & Rotary Laser Levels


It is well known to any laser level contractor that there are varieties of laser leveling
tools available on the market.  Each type of laser applications is different.  It is very
important for the contractor to know which type of laser level is applicable for their
projects or tasks, as some less featured or entry level type laser level devices are not
compatible for high level construction tasks.

Usually there are three types of laser levels: Dot Laser Levels, Line Laser Levels and
Rotary laser levels.  Each type of laser level has its place on the jobsite.

Examples of each type is listed below:

Dot Laser:         Leica P5

Line Laser:        Leica L2P5

Rotary Laser:   Leica Rugby 610 & Topcon RLH5A

To be continued….   More information on each type will be explored in weeks ahead.