Red line and dot laser beams are great, but have you seen the new Green Beam Lino L2G+?  Wow - Much brighter and easier to see vs the red beam!

The leica L2G+ is a cross line laser with a dual angle 180ยบ.  It employs a state-of-art direct emitting diode that produces a green line with less beam speckle the red lasers.  The result is a clean, sharp line across your work surface.

Since the green line is easier to see over longer distances, the Leica L2G+ Laser has a 100' range, double that or a red lasers!

The L2G+  self leveling pendulum lets you know your line is out of level by blinking.  Once level, the line goes solid.  You can lock the pendulum to set out angled lines and to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.

The Laser diode and international pendulum are housed in a rugged job site ready body.  It is IP 54 rated dust proof and splash protected.