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In general, the rotary construction lasers on the market today are not all the same
when it comes to accuracy.

Rotary construction accuracy starts on the low end at about ± ½ inch per 100ft.
some on the market are ± ¼ at 100ft.  These are mostly the inexpensive low cost
manually leveled lasers.

Most of the self-leveling lasers on the market are going to be ± 1/8 at 100ft.  The
better ones are going to be ± 1/16 at 100ft.

At LASCO, Inc. Laser & Instrument Co., we prefer the ± 1/16 at 100ft.  On some
(not all) lasers with our calibration ranges, we can check and adjust calibration
in house to be better than ± 1/16.  If a lasers accuracy is ± 1/16 at 100 ft it is now
± 1/8 at 200ft and ± ¼ at 400ft.