Seeing the laser dot for inside measuring is no problem. Taking the laser distance meter outside is a different story.

In 2003 the first built-in optical viewfinder for outdoor measuring was introduced by Leica.  This was an extremely popular and affordable.  The view finder was built into the side of the Leica Disto.  Depending on what model, it was either 1x or 2x.

In 2006 Leica introduced the integrated digital camera and zoom technology.  The digital view finder used 16 shade grey-scale displays with a 3x zoom, but had a fairly slow response.

In 2009 Leica introduced the world's first color digital point-finder with a 4x zoom.  The current model Leica Disto E7500, E7500i, D810 and S910 all include the digital point-finder display that shows the target, just like the display of a good digital camera, and can be zoomed up to 4x.  For out door measuring this is a feature that is a must have.