Laser Alignment LB 4

The LB-4 Laser  made by Laser Alignment, Inc. was a excellent construction laser. There are today many contractors still using their LB-4 for a wide range of construction, surveying and machine control applications.  Lasco Laser has serviced many of these LB-4's.  Listed below is a few tips for contractors that are still using their LB-4 laser:

The LB-4 operates from its own detachable  Ni-Cad battery pack or an external 12 volt battery.  Lasco can still rebuild the internal battery pack.  If you use the external 12 volt battery, cable, the LB-4 is reverse voltage protected.

Recommended Head Speeds for the LB-4:

For surveying - 5, 10 or 12 RPs
For Machine Control Applications - 12 RPS
For Automatic Machine Control Applicaitions - 20 RPS
For special applications where high speed updates for a laser sensor are necessary, connect the LB-4 to an external 12 volt       battery and set the head speed at 40 RPS.

When the elevation alert is activated, the self-leveling range of the LB-4 is reduced.  Any movement beyond this reduced range causes the LB-4 to go into an alert condition.