leica disto X4

Laser Distance Measuring Tools or Electronic Tape Measures off true laser light (not sound) for the most accurate measuring.  You simply point the laser distance measuring device's dot at a target like a wall, building, utility pole or nearly any object and the device will show the distance units LCD screen.  These measuring devices are true time savers and are very accurate at the same time.

When selecting one of these tools to purchase, we recommend you first compare the range or distance they are related to measure since some have longer ranges than others.  Some models have greater accuracy than others, and some have a neat feature called "pythagoras" which means it will calculate the third side of a triangle.

As an example, you can stand back away from a building, point at one corner of the building taking a measurement, point at the other corner taking a measurement and then hit another button to calculate the distance across the face of the building.  Some models that do have the pythagoras feature offer a 2 point feature and some a 3 point feature.