Alpha-C Cone Laser      ball field

Laser Reference Alpha- C Cone Laser

The ProShot Alpha – C Cone Laser has the same durability and performance of the standard Alpha Laser.
The standard Alpha Laser has always had a great reputation for quality and dependability at a value price.

The difference is the Alpha-C Cone Laser has a custom-made precision cone rotor head.  This unique, adjustable,
cone projecting head lets you set-up the laser at the high point or low point and project a conical sloping reference
of laser light. The Alpha – c can project up to a 4% sloped cone either up or down with increments of ¼ %.

The Alpha-C is especially helpful for sports fields where a standard plane - only laser just won’t get the job done. 
Some specific applications:  Baseball fields & running track corners and their infield zones. The Alpha-C can also
operate as a precision laser level by installing the included level- only cap.

The Alpha-C can be used with most machine control systems.  It has working diameter of 2000 feet, with
± 10 second accuracy. Comes with a two-year warranty.