Leica Disto X4

The new Leica Disto X4 is designed for bright outdoor environments for easy measuring.
The built-in pointfinder camera in the X4 allows you to precisely target and measure distant objects in bright sunlight. The target object shows clearly on the X4's high resolution color screen. The X4 Disto is drop-tested up to 6 feet in height and is also waterjet and dust protected. The IP65 rating means it can be cleaned using running water.

The X4 is built with the best quality materials to ensure consistent and accurate measurements in all kinds and type of environments. Built with a solid rubber housing. Distance and tilt measurements allow you to determine horizonal distances with absolute percision. Use the X4 to automatically generate realistic and sealed floor plans.

The Leica Disto Plan App (Free App or download) allows you to document and visualize your measurements. The Smart Room function makes it possible to create accurate floor plans simply by taking clockwise or counter clock wise room measurements.

The Disto X4 is specifically designed to make high - precision outdoor measurements an easy task. It comes with a holster, hand loop and batteries.