leica MC200 depth master

Leica MC200 Depth Master Digging System


The Leica Depth Master MC 200 is designed for digging applications where only indicate control is required.  The ME200 works with most all rotary lasers.

This machine control receiver can be installed on any excavator or back-hoe and can be easily set-up in minutes.  It is integrated with a 200-degree reception angle and a built-in plumb indicator that monitors the excavator’s dipper arm vertically for consistent and accurate grade readings.

The Leica MC200 receiver features two detection accuracies – Fine and Course.  Either +/- 1/6 or +/- ½ depending on jobsite requirements.  The intensity of the LED lights can bee seen even on the brightest of days.  It works well even in harsh weather conditions.

The MC200 Depth Master includes an energy preservation function which is deactivated with the “shake-2-wake” feature.  This unique feature turns off non-essential electronics after 5-minutes of non-use.  It automatically turns back on when your machine begins to move.