Leica Rugby 870 Grade Laser is the only laser on the market that guarantees a continuous high laser accuracy, even under harsh site conditions.  The IP68 protected (waterproof to 3ft depth) is the only laser with military grade certification and the highest standard in water and dust protection.

Setting the correct grade with the Rugby 870 has never been easier.  Leica Rugby 870  has a intuitive interface and large display that gives you confidence that the dial in grades are as quick and mistake- free, as are your applications

Features I really like on the Rugby 870

  • Large display and intuitive user interface
  • Axis alignment function for automatic alignment of laser axes
  • Smart targeting function for easy slope matching
  • Smart Lock function for keeping the laser on grade.
  • Automated calibration - unique and simple
  • Long lasting and quick charging Li-ion battery
  • Compatible Leica Remote Control  - up to 1000 ft
  • 2 - year knock down warranty