Ever get frustrated to take a few quick shots with you Leica Disto when you can't hold it steady enough to get a good measurement?  And you don't want to bother with dragging along a tripod?  The answer is a Lasco monopod and adapter.  Small, lightweight, collapsible and much steadier th.at holding the Disto in you hand  Even more, now with the Leica Disto E7500 and E7500i you can put the offset measurement of the length of the monopod right into the Leica DistoE7500 and E7500i itself.  Now you do not need to put the Disto on the floor and bend down for a measurement.  With the offset of the monopod already entered into the Disto, you can now meaure ceiling heights with the Disto E7500 and E7500i right in fron of your face.  Much easier, faster, more accurate and no getting down on you hands and knees to measure the floor to ceiling height.