Red beam construction lasers have bee around for many years, but more recently green beam lasers are becoming available.  Within the family of red beam lasers you have line or dot lasers that work up to 100 ft and red beam rotating lasers that can work up to 1000ft.  Examples are the Leica L2+, Leica L2P5 or the Leica Rugby 640 and Leica Rugby 840.

Green beam lasers are 4 times brighter than red lasers when using them as a visible laser dot or line for indoor applications.  Out doors in full sun you cannot realistically see any construction laser dot or line (red or green) and that is where your electronic laser receiver comes in to see the laser for you.  For outdoor applications whether red or green, a good electronic laser receiver is the way to go.  The green light laser does cost a bit more. but for indoor applications, the green beam line or dot laser is much easier to see.