Stabila 48-Inch Tech Electronic Level with Case

The Stabila 48-inch Tech Electronic level brings high end leveling to all types of contractors.  Being contractor friendly, the display on Stabila Tech Level will rotate with the upside down level so you can read the display with ease.

The Stabila 48 inch Tech Level can read in degrees, percent, inches or decimal fractions and metric.  It has two displays that both light for viewing in low light conditions.

The Stabila 48 inch Tech Level uses rubber ends pads to allow the 48 inch level to grip walls and flat surfaces with ease.  The rubber end pads can be removed for flush measurements.

The Stabila 48 inch Tech Level comes in a magnetic model that is great for steel doors and hand rail installations.  The Tech Level is water and dust resistant for uses on all construction sites.  For dust and water proof it has a (IP65) rating.