I have estimators and appraisers that call me looking to measure property that is hard to access.  Fences, water and other stuff may be getting in the way!

Unfortunately many estimators and appraisers will purchase a laser distance meter that is low cost, but can only be used for indoor measuring projects.

For hard to reach measurements I recommend the Leica Disto D810  Laser Distance meter.  The leica disto 810 has both a great laser view finder for outdoor measuring, but also  a built in camera.  The Leica Disto D810 solves the problem quickly and efficiently.

This is how it works:

  • Simply  turn on the Leica Disto 810
  • Tap the app from touch screen menu
  • Take a picture from afar
  • You can now take measurements of the object in the photo!
  • Save it, email it and move on the next task.