PLS5RLeica Lino P5

The Dot Laser

A dot laser emits only a laser dot.  Usually a dot laser has a plumb down, plumb up and a
horizontal doe at 90º to plumb up and down.  Some models like the PLS-5R or Lino P5 have   
5 dots at exact right angles to one another.  The PLS-3R has 3 dots.

The PLS-5R and Lino P5 give the contractor a great tool that can be used as a plumb bob and at
the same time can be used for performing 90º layout.  The Lino P5 is a self-leveling 5 point
red laser level for plumb, level and square horizontal and vertical points equipped for multiple

Both the PLS-5R and Lino P5 are best for indoor applications and at a distance up to 50ft.  Both
have a pendulum lock platform for safe transport and tilt mode functionality.  Both offer an
additional laser sensor for use at a longer working distance.