The Leica / Laser Alignment Depth Master 200 is designed for digging applications where only indicate control is required.  Mounted on the dipper stick it works with any rotating laser and transforms your dipper stick into a great measuring tool.

The Leica / laser Alignment Depth Master reception area is 200ยบ.  The Intensity of the LED cluster of indicator lights can be seem on the brightest days and indicates the on grade postion relative to the plane of laser light.  With its patented internal verticality control system, grade control will be more accurate as verticality is a prerequisite for precise measurements.

The Leica / Laser Alignment Depth Master has an on board batterypack so no cables are required. A unique "sake to wake" battery system automatically conserves power during periods of non-use, and a low battery indicator lets you know when its time to recharge.

The Leica / Laser Alignment Depth Master 200 is a great product that will increase your machine production.