The Topcon LS-B100 Machine Control Receiver are low-cost grade indicate systems to improve grading and excavating production and accuracy on any constructgion job.  The LS-B100 works with most all rotating level or grade laser on the market.

With fast set-up and easy to use, the Topcon LSB100 receiver can be mounted to your earth moving machines in minutes.  Attach the LS-B100 to a piece of equipment, turn it on, bench in and go to work.  No more waiting for a grade checker or jumping off your machine to check yur own grade.  With the LSB100 you know if you are above or below or on-grade all the time.

The Topcon LS-B100 has a detection angle with a rotating laser, to pick up a full 360ยบ.  It has four different accuracy settings and has an operating time of 100 hours on D batteries.  The LSB100 has a high IP66 rating for water and dust protection.  Comes standard with one year warranty.

With the Topcon LSB100 attached to a dozer blade, you can virtually eliminate all over over or under cutting and not have to rely on a grade checker.