Topcon RL-H5A Rotating Laser

Topcon RL-H5A Rotating Laser

For all contractors looking for a great level laser, the Topcon RL-H5A offers great distance, high accuracy and at a great price.  The RL-H5A is simple to use for checking elevations.  The RL-H5A replaces the RL-H4C rotating laser.  The RL-H5B is a less expensive version of the RL-H5A.  Why I like this laser:

  • High horizontal accuracy
  • Simple, intuitive manual slope feature
  • Automatic self-leveling
  • Long range 2000 ft. diameter
  • Extra-long battery life (100 hours)
  • Tough IP66 weather proof rating

Multi - Purpose Laser:
Grading, excavating and general construction projects are perfect applications for the RL-H5 series lasers.

Easy to use:
With electronic self-leveling you prress the power button and go right to work in seconds.  If the RL-H5 gets disturbed on the job it re-levels itself automatically.  The self-leveling motors are accurate to +/- 10 arc seconds.

Long range operation:
The Topcon RL-H5 has the power and range to cover a 2000ft diameter jobsite.

Long battery life:
The Topcon RL-H5A gives you the option of 60 hours of continuous usage with the rechargeable battery pack of 100 hours with 4 D cell batteries.

All weather dependablility:
The RL-H5A has IP66 rating which can stand jobsite dust, a sudden shower and even torrential rain.

Five Year Guarantee:
The RL-H5A comes with a Five-Year Warranty.