What is a Leica Disto Laser Meter and Who Uses this Device

The Leica Disto Meters is a hand held device that measures distances between two objects. The user aims a laser dot at an object, such as a wall, pole, cabinet or board.  The simple point- click operation delivers a very fast and accurate measurement with the result easily read on the display.  The best models are accurate to within ± 1/16 and have a range up to 650 ft.  The original,  and most popular laser distance meter is from the disto family by Leica.  The Leica Disto E7300, E7400, E7500, E7500i and D810 are all excellent laser distance meters for anyone looking for a quality laser distance meter.

Common users for the laser distance meter, are Insurance Adjusters, Real Estate Appraisers, Contractors, Architects, Real Estate Agent, Stage Technicians, Painters, Plumbers, Surveyors, Estimators, Ac Installers, Phone Lineman, Window Installers, Window Covering Installers, Carpet Installers and Flooring Salesmen.