The Pro Shot AS2 and AS2 Magnum are both excellent rotating grade lasers that deliver a lot of value to my contractors.  Both have a easy dial grade counter up to 25% Slope with a resolution down to .01%.  That is fine enough to set specified slopes straight from an engineers cut sheet on a sanitary sewer project.

The Pro Shot AS2 laser has a 14 arc. sec. accuracy, which is roughly ± 1/8 per 100 ft.  The Pro Shot AS2 Magnum has a 10 arc. sec accuracy which is roughly ± 1/16 per 100ft.  The Pro Shot AS2 Magnum has 600 rpm single speed rotating head, while the AS2 Magnum has a selectable rotating head of 600, 900 and 1200 rpms.

When you order thePro Shot AS2 Magnum you get the S2 grade Kit.  The S2 grade kit enables the laser to be set and aimed for projecting a compound (dual) slope. Using the included chart, simply look-up the main and cross slopes for the site.  The chart shows the resultant compound slope to dial-in and the proper compound angle to aim the laser.  The Pro Shot AS2 does not come with the S2 Kit.