For many contractors the Leica Disto E7300 and E7400 is a great laser distance meter.  Both models offer great features, simple to use, rugged and have great warranty.

For the remodeling or home improvement contractor that is using a software program for their measuring estimates on a job I would recommend the Leica Disto E7100i, E7500i or the D810.  All three of these models come with blue tooth built into the Disto.  This feature is what you need to link your phone or tablet to the software you are using.

As an example, many contractors I know use Chief Architect Software.  The Chief Architect Room Planner App turns your phone or tablet into a bridge between a Disto and Chief Architect.

How does this work? You aim the Disto and take the measurement.  The measurement is sent right to your phone or tablet via bluetooth.  These Disto's with built in bluetooth makes the measuring process very simple, very accurate and extremely efficient.