When choosing laser level tools, it is important to consider what type of job the laser level will be used on.
An interior project might require a line or plumb laser like the Leica Lino L2+ or L2P5. While a large project
might require an auto-leveling laser like the Leica Rugby 610 ,Leica Rugby 620 or Leica Rugby 640.
Different jobs and sites may have vastly different leveling requirements, like accuracy, range or distance
and whether a horizontal or a horizontal vertical laser is needed

The Leica Lino L2+ or L2P5 are a combination lasers with both horizontal and vertical layout lines,
they also has the ability to plumb up and down. With the he combination of lines and points, the Leica Lino
L2P5 is fully self-leveling and has a range of 100 feet.

Leica Laser Rugby 610 , 620 or 640 are all rotary laser levels that are made up of a head that rotates
and projects the laser with a 360 degree line around a room or job site. The more complex laser levels
are mounted on tripods and may have auto-leveling features that allow the laser level to re-level
itself when bumped. Leica 600 Series Laser range is 500 ft.